Lots Of Changes

World vs World (WvW) has seen a lot of changes.  In Part I and Part II of my little experiment, I tried to see how if you could make money in WvW, and if so, how much?  There have been some substantial changes since I last kept track.  I’m back with an update.

Making More Money In WvW

Like the header implies, you do make more money.  I spent an hour running around in WvW again, to keep things consistent.  Aside from defending Etheron Hills, I pretty much ran around solo or in small groups.  I even managed to get my daily done, so you can take 5 silver off the total.  Speaking of total, I made approximately 60 silver in an hour.  That’s after all repairs, vendoring, and trading post profits.  I also got a Dragon’s Jade Weapon skin ticket.  I’m not impressed by any of the skins, but it’s still a good find.  You turn in these Dragon’s Jade Weapon tickets to Black Lion Vendors in Lion’s Arch.  They are upstairs in the trading post above the traders.

Not Bad, Getting Better

In Part II I made just over 20 silver in an hour.  I made about 40 silver per hour a couple months after that.  This is a HUGE increase in money for WvW.  I’d say it’s a big step in the right direction, with the possibility for even more if you can stay with a large force.  While I don’t think we’ll ever see WvW as a place to farm gold, it’s nice to know that you won’t go broke playing either.

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