So with our new transfers, we really killed in battlegrounds.  We had more people that wanted to come than we could invite.  There were at least three people wanting in after we were full at one point.  Bodes well for our rated battlegrounds.  We only fought one premade, and it was a TOUGH fight, but we squeezed in a win because they got cocky.  The most impressive part was how we could literally just control the entire battleground.  Got too far ahead in AB?  Fell back and waited.  Four capped when we wanted in EotS.  We even managed to put the flag in the general area we wanted it.  I had a really good time today with everyone, it was pretty encouraging.  Even got to squeeze in some world PvP in between fights, and a little dueling here and there.  Feeling right at home on my Warrior now, now if only I could get back that way on my Paladin…

Don’t forget, Rogue questions tommorrow!  I mean, today.

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  1. As a gnome mentioned on the forums not too long ago….

    There’s a storm a-brewing on Ravenholdt. The horde though still strong in numbers is starting to look weaker (than usual).

    10:1 if Alliance takes over a bit in Cata 50% of the horde pop just xfers our way for continued easy mode.

    tee mo fokin hee.

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