This time we’ll be trying something different.  I’ve managed a special guest to answer all your questions about Rogues.  I found the best Rogue I know, and he agreed to help.  Ask whatever you want, and our resident Rogue expert will be along around 8pm EST to start responding to questions.  Talk shop, ask questions, throw up a strategy and get some feedback from someone who’s been there!  Theorycrafting or basic, feel free to ask. Might be a good time for anyone leveling or wanting to level a Rogue to ask some basic questions. And with that, RIM, TAKE IT AWAY!

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  1. I know a fight is onesided when my strategy for beating a boomkin is


  2. I should add in Moonkin vs Rogue; You really have to know when you are going overboard on being defensive. Once you force a cloak(They dident change fearie fire, right?) keep fearie fire up. I think its about forcing a trinket(Probably with a cyclone) and forcing a cloak (Probably with a roots or fearie fire, so he can vanish). Once you set that up, Its deffinately possible to go for a kill.

    Its a tricky fight, probly needs alot of practice.

  3. OKAY! Really sorry about not being here last night. Ill go through all the answers right now (I was recovering from a flue/fever)

    Dear Boomkin: I feel Rogue vs (Alot of things including boomkin) Is really unbalanced, Rogues deffinately have the advantage with our lol ten second silence lock. Start in boomkin or bearform, due to the fact HoT’s last less than ten seconds and can be sapped off. Abuse instant roots and try to force a cloak of shadows. once thats down you have a opportunity to peel yourself with roots/cyclone and kite him. . The problem is, if the rogue plays really offensive and just facerolls he can win due to the amazing amount of damage we can do with resil changes. Make sure you’re geared completely defensively (all resil gear)

    Deer Kyp, The opener of choice is now garrote (Buffed to a 5 second silence) + It causes with the new sub talents a 10% static increase in damage. With mastery affecting Eviserate exclusively my main finisher is Eviserate (GO GO 10K CRITS)


    SORRY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! I crashed snowboarding like, 2 years ago, and apperantly now my tooth is acting up again, started off with a achy tooth>>>Flue>>Fever over the last 2 days.

  4. Oh they on same DR now ?
    Hmmmm. That changes things a little I suppose in my case. Shows how much I read about other classes, more of a get out there and do it kinda guy I guess.

  5. Now that Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot are on the same DR, how do you prefer to open combat and what’s the first finisher you use? And when health pools get larger come level 85, would that change your current rotation?

    I know it may be different based on class and situation, but to keep it simple let’s go with against a caster and against a melee.

  6. Playing a class with no amazing defensive cd is rough man. The new thorns is nice but barkskin is garbage, and roots and typhoon are all but useless against shadowdancers.
    SO. A rogue gets the opener. I wait it out. Kidney shot comes, I usually trinket, BUT if the rogue is good it goes straight into a blind. So whats the deal?

    I try different strats hoping to maybe throw them off their game. Sometimes I trinket the cheap shot and immediately throw up thorns to try and force em off me a few. More often than not it just leads to a blind as per usual after a trinket pop on a rogue.
    Sitting through both the cheap and kidney shots is almost a death wish against a geared rogue.

    So whats good? Any moonkin out there that give you trouble? I can make a decent rogue sweat at least, about 50/50ish with a decently played rogue, but a pro shadowdancer almost always comes out on top if they get the opener. Fail rogues, as with any other fail, are just easy.
    What does a pro moonkin do against a pro rogue?
    The only thing I possibly see is trying rather high risk tactics to try and throw them off the usual pvp lol lockdown rotation, but it’s just not effective against well played rogues.


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