Had several faction transfers today.  They made up a significant portion of our little foray into battlegrounds.  It was so cute too when they asked about Wintergrasp.  We warned them, but they seemed ready, willing, and able to handle it!  One of them killed their first Horde within 10 minutes of logging in!  We can certainly use the help.

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  1. LOL@Bruder. I can’t speak for anyone else, but honestly, I’m glad I made the move. It’s nice to actually feel welcome and appreciated. I’m not the best pvp’er but I think that the numbers difference is actually going to help me improve as a pvp player. it’s just a little hard to switch from an offensive mindset to a more defensive mindset. Oh, that, and remembering that I want to shoot at orcs, not try to bandage them!
    But I would like to give a big thanks to Reprisal and the other alliance for making us feel so welcome. Killing my first horde within 10 minutes of xfer and then bg achievements made it worthwhile and it was only the first night!

  2. I’m glad those guys/gal saw the light. They are all fun, funny, and dedicated. Being a transferie myself, I have found new purpose in world pvp that wasn’t there before. Plus good guys always win. I wouldn’t trade my guildies for anything. Its a great home we have in Ravenholdt alliance-side.

  3. Rofl… But what Xelas said is true. I did change my rogue back when they made it available, but ended up never playing it and switching back after 2 months because there was just -nobody- online. Ever.

  4. Oh, also, the more the merrier! The Horde probably won’t even notice you’ve gone! And here Alliance side you’ll probably get treated like royalty with a line a mile long for guild invites!

  5. Absenteeism is always rampant just before an expansion and people take breathers in anticipation of going gang-busters in a few months. Cata is no exception, and Alliance on RH always feels it especially hard.

    Most will start to come back after the expansion hits. And some of my former Horde guildies are going to be xferring over to play Worgen too. (Yay)

  6. Many familiar faces seemed to be missing lately. So it wasn’t only an impression then hm? I’ve been thinking about switching one alt too, to be honest…

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