I got a little curious about rated battlegrounds tonight.  I realized I actually have no idea how they will work.  Some people have told me a few things, but I can’t really find anything definitive.  The closest I’ve found is an article from WoWInsider.com about it.  It hints that you will need at least 10 people to queue.  My question mainly revolves around the limits to your team.  Do they have to be all guild mates?  Do they have to be on an arena team?  Can you go to the LFG channel and find 10 PuGs?  Can you queue 5 guild mates and 5 friends?  I’ve emailed the only Cataclysm expert I know, Nathaenai, and when he emails me back i’ll summarize for those that might be interested.  Or if someone can point me to a website or link where I can find this information, that’d be great too.

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  1. Thanks Kere. My mind isn’t in the game right now lol, so I’ll have to ask you to explain it to me again when I get back. I get the main point thought, I’m not going to be able to just Not do reg bgs…*pout*


  2. If you read that article, I believe it says you don’t get honor from rated BGs, you get Conquest Points. So you have to do regular BGs to get honor still.

    Conquest points are both currency and rating. Depending on what ‘rating’ you are at in BGs, you can only earn a certain amount of Conquest points each week. All Conquest Points after that go towards increasing your rating. Interesting concept.

  3. I really hope they don’t require 10 to queue. I don’t plan on doing many regular bgs, planning on living in the rated bgs. Guess I should also do some research.

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