Stormwind LocalDefense started ringing while I was there, so I went to see who was here this time.  I found a Boomkin on the bridge at the front gate.  He rooted me…and then he pretty much got roflstomped by me.  I have to time it right, but my Warrior can really put out a hurtin’ in a hurry.  I think he might have done 2k damage to me.  So of course he came back with a Paladin, but I managed to slink away and join the Alterac Valley we were all previously queued for.

Hopped out, and caught an eyeful of spam from the Cathedral District!  So from there, it was on.  Grabbed the Paladin, and we completely wrecked them.  All the way from the very bottom of the basement out to the trade district we wrecked them.  They took a little too long each time to get back going, my PvP flag more than reset each time.  Finally they summoned a Warlock, but he wasn’t much help, they still got decimated each time they rezzed.

Fun fight though.  The Alliance took a little bit to rally each time, but they always came through.  My only death came when 3 of them piled on me because no Alliance showed up (despite having been asking for help in LoacalDefense for at least 5 minutes).

1, 2, 3.  3 dead Horde.
Alliance: Akallandin, Mecurio, Boxyloxy, Mystikan, Resileaf, Celestina, Archmortal, Artagel, *
Horde: Dybuk, Rastopher, Blarr, *

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