wpvp stormwind

Had a couple of Horde causing trouble in Stormwind.  I was testing out my new UI in Dalaran with Nathaenai, until more Horde showed up and starting pushing in.  We headed that way and found them in this choke point here.  See the pattern as they ran out?  I even found out Snickelfritz is now a Horde.  Seems there is no stemming the flood of transfers of PvPers.  After beating them down a few times, they finally hearthed out.

Alliance: Cruseth, Alexsara, Akallandin, Nathaenai, Fearg, Ninethcloud, Sikkinixx, *

Horde: Akyla, Snickelfritz, Jekht, Mcwarlock, Blixxis, Akory, Skullbash, Epidemic

0 thoughts on “Connect the dots in Stormwind!”
  1. Snick is hardly a PvP’er man. Good guy, but was more content whining about the alliance ‘condition’ that sucking it up and doing something about it.
    I’ll enjoy the kb’s I get from him.

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