Find and duel Purplehayze or Mageyadie.  You can usually find him in the sewers after 9pm server time into the early hours of the morning.  He is a Shadow Priest and Warlock, respectively.  He may even duel you first!  Certainly isn’t afraid to toss down duel flag.  He may talk a little trash, but he’s a good guy.  The last time I beat him he was wearing Furious…now he’s not.  Also, if you are Alliance, please let him know that you saw this on the blog.

So if you can find him to duel, drop a line in the comments with your wins and/or losses.  Any comments with negative feedback are going to be deleted! Just keep it to simple numbers please.  If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it all.  This is meant to be a test your own skills exercise, not a flaunting of who’s better than who.

0 thoughts on “Do your homework: 11/18/2010”
  1. I am trying to stay loose with my toons, I am definitly waiting till everything is said and done to see who I feel most comfortable with before i start obsessing. But I also agree that every duel you do you learn a little more about your own strengths weaknesses rotations etc

  2. Kyp kinda hits it on the head. I actually consider hunters in pvp broken till we hit 83. Most 1v1 encounters I will likely lose because of the focus regen. I try my hardest and every once in a whileI get a lucky win, but for the most part? Meh…

  3. I personally don’t see a value in dueling at this point in the game. It’s not anywhere near balanced.

    I know people want to learn or re-learn their classes since the big 4.0 changes, but things will be so much different at 85 that you’ll end up just having to re-learn them again anyway.

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