So what started out fun, ended up fail.  Rim whispered me out of boredom, and wanted some world PvP.  I asked him where and what he wanted, and we came up with 2 Rogues versus 5 of us.  I grabbed the Mage since he was the worst geared of my characters.  For a little while there we were having fun, we couldn’t kill them, they couldn’t kill us.  Lonekiller and Rim versus a Resto Shaman, Fire Mage, two Prot Paladins, and a Warlock.

Then more of Rim’s friends came.  So he emotes that he wants to talk, then I log over and they attack while i’m logged over.  Then Rim says they’ll let us summon more, and they attack us as soon as we hit the stone.  We actually wiped them at this point, made the Warrior run, and summoned in a Hunter.  Then we lost one, and they summoned two more, and didn’t even want to wait for us to rez and eat up.  Rim at least seemed to hold back quite a bit.  So I guess camping us from half health 7 v 5 was what his friends wanted to do.  I made us a portal and we exited pronto anyway.

Never again.

Alliance: Tyrious, Merski, Yulia, Brudn, Aynyk, Iriandrial

Horde: Rim, Lonekiller, Tekniq, Mcheals, Jagzen, Thone, Apollyond

0 thoughts on “Failure in the mountain”
  1. I figured I got focused more for being a “traitor” than any real skillz on my part. I was trying to both kill a dps, and protect my healer. I don’t mind dying, but dying uselessly is meh.

  2. They did start focusing on you pretty damned heavily. So much so that I was really glad you were next to me in Chain Heal range, because they were still pressuring me too, realizing that I was pretty much the only healer.

    I remember once telling Horde on this server that they are their own worst enemy when it comes to destroying world PvP, because all too often it comes down to “win at any cost” rather than “have fun”. =

  3. Yeah, sorry that it went the way I predicted. I won’t hold Rim personally responsible (although he did summon in more of his group), but as much as you’ve come to respect him as a PvPer, he’s still a kid. And his actions tend to prove this out. Even if he didn’t intend to be dishonest, he is unable to control and lead his team enough to have prevented the kinds of stuff that went down.

    So, yeah. Never again.

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