Astolpho and Rim were totally duking it out!  Astolpho challenged Rim to a change of venue in Wintergrasp, so I logged over and Rim happily obliged.  Once they got there though, neither one agreed with the other’s rules, so i’ll just leave the ‘results’ out of this.  It was a good fight, and fun to watch!  I’m totally team Astolpho, gotta stick with my faction-mates!  Maybe next time they can do half duels – half wPvP, and maybe that’ll satisfy both champs.

The uh, party chat log went screwy and muddled up my screenshots…but it’s what they said.  No really!

0 thoughts on “GRUDGE MATCH!”
  1. So now we all know you fantasize about Rim and Astolpho hugging. Is there something else you want to tell us?

    It’s fine, really, we all have our thing.

    P.S. You’re getting a new cat very soon. It needs a name.

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