Another self-serving post this week.  Arms Warriors!  Have all your questions in before 7pm server time, because your host this week keeps a tight raid schedule!  Don’t go easy on him either, cause this guy knows his stuff.  A huge thanks to GOOCHACABRA!

My question (I’ll be out of town until entirely too late): Thoughts on the nerf to warrior healing from Second Wind?  I am fighting to keep a 50% win ratio in duels as it is, this nerf just looks to take things down a notch.

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  1. Eohnavi, Stance Dancing in PvP is not as key as it used to be when they added some of the defensive abilities like Shield Bash, or Spell Reflect to Battle Stance. Even better, they allowed Pummel in Battle Stance, so now stance dancing for a pummel is no longer necessary (Goodbye Shield Bash Macro as well!) The only time I find myself Stance Dancing is for an Intercept, or to pop defensive CDs, like Disarm, Shield Block, Shield Wall. So I pretty much stay in Battle Stance 90% of the time, with minimal need to stance dance.

  2. I guess I’ll just answer questions on separate posts as they come, but for now I’ll answer both of your questions in one post. First, I don’t really mind the nerf to Second Wind, seeing as the healing it did on top of having 2/2 Field Dressing was a little too much. Some rogues could barely even get me below 90% in a full opener. Maybe if I knew what you were losing duels to, we could work on that.

    Kypros, it depends on the class. Mages/Hunters have many snares/CCs to keep their distance from a warriors. Other classes have some sort of slow/snare to help keep them away, but as a melee class, we all have abilities to close that distance, like Charge, Death Grip, etc. Is it viable to get charged/intercepted so much? Not really, but neither is getting pounded on, especially cause we do a nice amount of damage, which is needed now that our defining ability in PvP got nerfed (Mortal Strike) For you second question, I would say Arms. You get Victory Rush at a low level, which does decent damage, and heals 20% of your health, which allows you to keep on killing/questing without having top stop to eat. Also, with a BoA weapon, Mortal Strike at level 10 will pretty much 1 shot mobs.

  3. Gooch, my question is:

    As far as the Warrior class goes, one of the key strategies has been stance dancing. Do you still see this as a necessity or do you see it more as a cooldown being able to pop into defensive stance and shield wall? Or have you felt you can stay within battle stance pretty much all the time?

  4. First, just a general comment on dueling, the game is not balanced 1v1, so any mentions of nerfs (or buffs) affecting duel win/loss ratio is meaningless because that’s not how Blizzard makes it’s decisions.

    My question to Gooch, while fighting a ranged class, what are the most effective ways to keep distance between a warrior given the multiple charges and eventual heroic leap, is this a viable way to fight warriors now?

    Second, I plan to roll out a worgen warrior come cata, what would you recommend for leveling (questing and pvp), arms or prot? and why?

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