Handor is my second attempt at a Rogue.  I kept him as a level 1 or 2 alt for a bit until the fire festival came to town.  I did all the dailies on him and got him up to level 8.  Once it was over, I decided to give Rogues another whirl.  If I had to start all over again today, it would be Paladin and Rogue.  This is by far one of the most fun classes to play.  Not only do you get to pick and choose your battles, but you have any number of ways to escape if things start to go downhill.  I remember leveling up and killing a player 7 levels above me in Un’Goro crater once.  When I got to 74, I actually camped an 80 Shadow Priest in the Blue Sky logging grounds several times before she was able to get the best of me.  Rogues are the ultimate ‘gotcha’ class where you can take your shot at someone, and then still survive by running away if that someone is better.
PvP: Not a character I play a whole lot, but it’s almost always fun when I do.  I haven’t really looked hard at his spec, and I still continually waste combo points.  Haven’t enchanted all his gear either.  If Druid doesn’t end up satisfying my stealth-needs, i’ll be leveling this guy up and race swapping to a Worgen.
RP: I don’t RP with him much either.  He’s a younger Rogue with the mentality of a child.  The only constantly non-serious character I have.  As far as killing, he’ll follow the group’s mentality.  Kill or not, doesn’t matter to him.
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  1. I dunno Kyp. The comment in the warrior thread looked a lot like a derail to me. It wasn’t worded in any way that really invited intelligent discussion, like “As my hunter, I often tranq shot enraged warriors. How do you counter something like that?” It came of as “My cat’s breath smells like cat food.” Uh… okay, good for your kitty? Yay that you tranq shot enraged warriors. Is there anything else you tranq shot?

    Anyway, since the anon in this thread also plays a hunter, the timing of it makes me think it wasn’t really intended as any real contribution. /shrug Who knows?

  2. I actually thought the comment on using tranq shot in the warrior thread was a good comment. It wasn’t defensive or insulting, just a comment on game mechanics. For all we know it’s not even the same person.

    The comment that started this thread, like Xelas mentioned, was aimed and worded as an insult to the way Kerelious plays his rogue.

  3. Eh, Anon was trying to pick another fight in your warrior thread too, by making some unrelated comment about tranq shotting enraged warriors, while everyone else was discussing warrior healing.

    Have there been any anon comments that weren’t troll attempts?

  4. You know…if my intention was to troll you it really would not be that hard. You basically do all the work. This thread is pretty solid evidence of that fact.

  5. That’s an interesting comment anonymous, because I only used the term ‘vanish’ right AFTER ‘run off’. Later on, I said ‘run away’. So who’s focusing on vanish? Looks like running is what I’m focused on. You call me defensive yet you have posted walls of text more than what I have written and gone way out of the scope of the article.

    You’re here to troll, and that’s unfortunate. It stands out like a fox in Stormwind bank.

  6. ***If people on this blog are this easily worked up over a clearly inconsequential anonymous posts I do not see how others would be encouraged to visit or post up on a blog such as this.***

    I could not make much sense of your broken english and poor grammer. But the over all feeling of it brought me to the conclusion that this quote was the most appropriate response.

  7. Hmmm… I tell Anon how and why s/he was likely interpreted so negatively, and how to have avoided coming off so antagonistically in the future, and what happens? We get into the straight-up ad hominem! O_o

    All rightey then!

  8. I agree as well. You could also go further in to say that any class that engages anyone they think is “better” only to run away is pretty terrible. The lack of confidence really shoots that person in the foot.

    Although there are other mechanics that can be used both for open combat as well as escape the reason I went back to vanish is because both your self and Kypros chose to focus on that particular mechanic first so I went along with it.

  9. I agree. Also, there are more rogue abilities available besides vanish to escape. Try blinding someone or sprinting away, they are good ways to escape as well. Try not to focus just on vanish.

  10. Also. You should not have to correct your statement based on a general comment of one persons opinion of a particular class mechanic.

  11. In reply to the administrator. No I do not disagree that a rogue could engage someone and then run away if needed.

    I said very clearly in reply to the post “that line of thinknig makes for terrible rogues”

    Meaning that if someone were to think of vanish as only an escape mechanic and have to use it only when they think the other player is “better” then they have failed before they even begin.

  12. If you are going by your logic saying that the OP had to think of the line before he wrote it then one could come to the assumption that he might have meant it diliberately about him self being that he plays a rogue. It would have been a pretty safe assumption based on the overly defensive tone of his reply that he thinks of him self as or was being called a terrible rogue. I could have agreed based on an assumption and said in turn that he was a terrible rogue in my post but I didn’t.

    That is why I don’t assume things when reading and replying to posts. Making posts based on assumptions makes you look well…like an ass.

    I never said that you were freindly as much as I said that I was under the impression that the site was supposed to be freindly or at least that is what I was led to believe from those who directed me to it.

    If I had made a direct insult to the OP it would have most likely resulted in a deletion or treatment from others that was…kind of like this. If people on this blog are this easily worked up over a clearly inconsequential anonymous posts I do not see how others would be encouraged to visit or post up on a blog such as this.

    If this blog is truley meant to be an honest open forum from an alliance prespective then it is really starting to look quite the opposite. Think about it. Some one posts a comment. It is taken out of context and slammed. The poster tries to explain them selves and applogize. Slammed!

    One could assume based on what has been been shown so far say that the administrator and even your self are really poor players and use this site as a means to soothe your egos. But that would be an assumption that would make one look like an even bigger ass.

  13. I never claimed to be friendly. 😉

    That said, when you take a quote from someone who obviously had to think of the line in order to have written it in the first place, and then state that such thinking makes for a terrible rogue, it isn’t too far a stretch to see you as saying, “You thought this enough to say it, ergo, you are a terrible rogue.”

    A less antagonistic way of expressing this opinion might have been to say, “These abilities are good for getting away, yes, but a rogue should also see them as an opportunity to quickly regroup for another assault…” etc.

  14. On the contrary it was he who carried a defensive tone at first so I decided to elaborate for him. But I did not go so far as to say “he” was a terrible rogue just that the line of thinking makes for terrible rogues. He clearly said that if the person is better not if the situation has proved to weigh too much against him or to keep his opponent in control.

    I don’t see where I was complaining in that post rather than trying to clarify my self from the defensive tone he took in his reply.

    If there is someone looking to pick a fight it definitely is not coming from my end. If I thought my post would bring this much confusion and defensiveness I would not have posted it.

    Like he said in his follow up comment. It was a statement on what rogues could do rather than what rogues should do so obviosly he either knows better or is correcting him self.

    I am sorry if I offended any of you. Maybe this site is not as friendly as I was led to believe.

  15. I don’t see where Akall said that rogues only use vanish to escape. It is often — maybe even primarily — used for escape, when a situation has proved to weigh too much against the rogue in question.

    So basically, you’re complaining because he didn’t go deep enough into the detail of fighting as a rogue, carefully covering each and every situation and corner case? Really?

    If you’re just looking to pick a fight, why not simply go the route of “OMG U SUQ LOLOLOLOL!!!!1”?

  16. Yes I have had rogues do that to me before. Yes I have had to blow all my cool downs to get away when things got to hard to handle.

    Terrible rogues use vanish soley as an escape mechanic and don’t realize they are still standing in my flare. Better rogues use vanish to keep me in locked up after I use defensive abilities.

  17. If you’ll notice the first sentence in the PvP section, it’s not a character I play a lot. If you find anywhere on this blog where I claim to be an awesome rogue, please bring it to my attention so I can edit that post.

    Also, from a non-rogue perspective, I have had many rogues jump me, for what I assume was the purpose of killing me, only to have them run off or vanish and not reappear. Are you saying that has never happened to you, anonymous? You have never started to attack someone and then tried to escape because you found you couldn’t beat them? Is there another class that is just as good as escaping as a rogue?

  18. **Rogues are the ultimate ‘gotcha’ class where you can take your shot at someone, and then still survive by running away if that someone is better.**

    This type of thinking makes for a terrible rogue.

  19. with the mentality of a child

    So, you mean to say he’s a typical rogue? ;P

    I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever roleplayed with Handor before. Or any of your toons except Akallandin, or maybe about two words with Kerelious. I think it went something like, “Kill it!!!”

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