So the Horde are in Stormwind at 0-dark thirty o’clock in the morning (as if the Alliance side wasn’t desolate enough for them during the day).  And then the Elemental Invasion starts, and they start summoning more.  What for?  Who knows, but I hope it wasn’t to kill King Wrynn!  They tanked him down to 1 life, then he bladestorms, and resets back to full!  Multiple times!  It was awesome!  Trying to kick the Alliance when they’re already down at their lowest, but they only ended up kicking themselves.  Maybe they were there to kill the flagged lowbies, AFKers, or to try and force PvP flags by standing in the endless spawns of 80 elites?  I hope they all got the memo about no honor from players below level 5…

Horde: Promethazine, Kogatandel, Moongaze, Pamarie, Tulipz, Impetrigo, Nanoman, Soon, Jekht, Biblical, Chingone, Sapphirus, Sloat, Wusah, Tarne, Beastvader, Felinia, Ventblaze, Wittle, Maclure, Bladestorm

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  1. Well, however it went down, at least Wusah played the part of the good guest and made a completely civil, mature post about it. Evidently, they had fun enough. I’m pretty sure that unless it is the weekend, we usually see Wusah around at the o’dark-thirty hours, probably in part because he’s West Coast.

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