Pro Tip #9 – Addons

Addons can be extremely useful in PvP.  Here is a list of addons I use, and feel free to list any of your own in the comments below.

  • Dominos – Lets you move around all your hotbars to any place on your screen.
  • VanasKoS – Uses the combat log to track any nearby enemies.  Also tracks kill history and various other interesting bits of information.  If you want something a little more streamlined, try Stalker.
  • IceHUD – This mod puts all your health/power bar information right around your character and in your face.  It’s placement is also adjustable.
  • Deadly Boss Mods – This has timers for battlegrounds.  Occasionally they are off, but most of the time they track tower and flag caps pretty effectively.
  • X-perl – This mod lets you adjust your party, character, and target portraits around.  It also shows you who’s missing what buffs on mouseover.  Very handy mod, you can hide or show just about any UI features you want.
You can download all these addons from  Anyone have better/other addons they like to use?  Hit up the comments below.  Be careful about following any links to unfamiliar sites.
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  1. Get rid of that ugly xperl and get you some Shadowedunitframes paired with Vuhdo my friend !

    soooo much easier on the eyes

  2. I use both VanasKoS and Spy. I find VanasKoS much better for large crowds, lists and keeping records, but I like Spy’s alert and communication systems better.

    For those who still use the original interface (guilty) but need more button space, Button Forge is your friend. The addon is very lightweight and lets you create full bars the size you want, or just lone button spots if that’s what you feel like. Those can be moved around however you like and each bar has its own lock. They can also be set to show up in both specs or only the one of your choice. Keybinding system for the created bars is included. The only major problem would be loot rolls popping over your bars, but that can usually be fixed with any addon that lets you move interface elements; I would suggest LootRollMover if that’s the only thing to move.

  3. I think the one add-on that goes unnoticed for hybrids, is a good healing add-on, something like Vuhdo or Healbot. It’s a great way to use an instant heal, hand spell, or really any other useful spell without losing your target.

    I use Vuhdo on both my shaman and pally and neither are heal spec, just because it makes it a lot easier to use those helpful spells, especially in BGs and World PVP.

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