I don’t think anyone would disagree (If you do, use the comments option below!) there is entirely too much complaining in battleground chat.  As a whole.  I’m not counting premades, this is solely relating to PuG teams.  The complaining starts before the gates have even opened most times.  Simple advice today, just end any game with a little positive reinforcement.  Win or lose, if someone is queuing right up afterwards, it’s going to cause them to be a lot less cranky if they don’t have to read a bunch of whining and blaming, on top of losing.  Even if you win, I still see the comment about all the bads in BG chat.  It’s pretty astounding.

Even if it’s as simple as “Good game.”  And please, type it out.  GG is alright, but in the day and age of l33t speak and internet shorthand, a couple of fully typed words can go a long way.  You can even get as fancy as “Nice job everyone!”  Whatever you do decide to say, please just type it out.  Proper capitalization and punctuation are nice too.

I’ve seen, multiple times, people tell people with lower end gear they shouldn’t queue for BGs until they have better gear.  What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen in battleground chat?

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  1. Approximately 1 minute into the game…
    “Looks like we’re losing this one guys, might as well let them win and get it over fast so we can queue again.”

    That’s Horde combativity for you. So much for “Victory or death” hm?

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