Did some dueling down in the sewers.  Some on my Rogue.  Rogues are probably the best healing class in the game right now, pure healing classes aside.  With subtlety, you can infinitely heal yourself from stealth.  I was constantly finding myself maxed on combo points and wasting them when I could have been using them to heal.  It was just amazing.  I lasted forever against a Holy Paladin, and saw another Rogue who literally DID last forever, he eventually conceded just to end the duel.

Rogues have always been a particularly powerful class given their ability to choose the terms for fighting.  Stealth is an ability which is impossible to balance against.  More for 1 v 1 than more v more, but that’s what dueling comes down to.  Paladins have an instant heal, but they have to build up holy power to do it.  And there is no extra.  I’m not even a good Rogue, but I shudder to see what a real Rogue player could do that knew how to spend their combo points properly.  Paladins would be fine if it didn’t take so long to get their damage rolling.  It’s either all or none though, once you pop wings you are committed to the burst else you’re just hoping to survive another 2 minutes for them to come up again for another CHANCE at killing someone.

Nerf Rogues.  Balance Paladins.

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