had a go at good King Wrynn.  They managed to make it to the keep before we arrived.    We started to gather but someone shouted in LocalDefense that they were going for it, so we hurried to find them gathered up in the garden area. There was a small pool of Alliance waiting at the base of the hallway unflagged, so I just ran past them and opened up on one of their healers.  They put up a pretty good fight considering, lasted longer than I thought they would for sure.  They tried to mass rez in the adjacent room, but we caught on and cleared them out.  They pulled the same trick in reverse and portaled out.  Good quick win!

Alliance: Akallandin, Bruder, Sicklethorne, Whyspur, Elnai, Eyuune, Donnelly, Kydren, Mystikan, Merski, *

Horde: Cinderella, Charming, Nanoman, Judy, Exadis, Damnski, Ashtoreth, Erach, Holybladexyz, Emew, Psychedelic

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