Couple guild mates were getting camped in Hellfire, and Honor Hold was under attack, so we grouped up and headed out.  We chased them all around the map, from Honor Hold, to Thrallmar, to the towers, back to Thrallmar, to Honor Hold…it was a giant came of ping pong.  We really did a number on them, and it all pretty much ended when they landed to fight us on the very tip-top tower of the citadel.  Banjo the Hunter you see here, got Mind Controlled, popped his trinket to break it, then disengaged off the tower to his death.  All the others had to spirit rez and flew off to Thrallmar.

Then we landed there, and wiped out the city with them all having rez sickness!

Alliance: Krazull, Windbringr, Kerelious, Phrozen, Shmigles, Cruseth, Saiti, Alexeia, Iriandrial, Brumark

Horde: Tesila, Relen, Shikano, Banjo, Sin, Deer, Rykros, Jibblets, Vataken, Noxaeterna, Ventblaze, *

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