Talius and his crew had been camping out in Ironforge for quite a while.  I finished up my content quests and started rallying the troops.  We portalled straight in and found them right above us in the Mage area!  There were so many Alliance that portalled through, people were asking in chat where all the Alliance came from!  And wow did we really tear them apart!  We ripped through them, and they tried their best go get away.  I warned everyone off the ledge just before Vencher tried to Thunderstorm – no one got knocked off!  Colaran didn’t release, so to encourage him, I mentioned the /hug achievement.  His corpse disappeared after the third person got their achievement!  We camped them all the way from the Mystic Ward in Ironforge, several kills in the Deeprun Tram, and all the way into the Dwarven District of Stormwind!  We had so many Alliance show up, lots of people were pretty awed at the defense response.  I hope this goes a long way to restore the Alliance’s faith in itself.  We really needed this win.


Alliance: Akallandin, Kydren, Aynyk, Aelinor, Balkestraz, Cruseth, Aerana, Krazull, Aethandan, Aerana, Erber, Wyrmwell, Xiva, Ayric, Chugsley, Mecurio, Khoria, Buradi, Sheli, Ducky, Dreus, Argolithos, Brudn, Leroyjackson, Kissi, Daelrick
Horde: Vencher, Stalos, Talius, Colaran, Tallonpie, Zyrelia, Arastar, Prophecy, Rayneys

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