Attack of the lowbie killers!

Some lowbies were getting ganked in Nagrand, so Iriandrial and I headed out to help them.  We joined the other defenders and swooped down and cleaned them up easily!  One of them emoted at me to wait, and I knew what that meant.  I started calling for some more help as well.  Sure enough, just as they got more, we got more.  The fight stayed amazingly fair the whole time, too.  They spent A LOT of time in the air just hovering.  Watching.  Doing nothing.  About the time I was ready to go, they jumped down and held my attention a little longer.  They even got several rez zergs off, but only a couple of us died.  We totally held the ground in this fight.  We had two more people on the way, Bruder and Sheldane, but the Horde finally stopped coming back, and we portaled off into parts unknown.  Good fight!

Alliance: Aerana, Balticus, Grumsley, Kerelious, Iriandrial, Vladomir, Jekonias

Horde: Otosp, Bashone, Kronel, Midnightskye, Natejr, Stinger, Snickula, Flentz, Innerdemon

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  1. Bruder says:

    i logged in too late for the action, when i finally got there (thank you blizz for takeing out ports) all the hordies had fled!

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