L A Z Y !

So yeah I really didn’t do anything tonight, I literally RPed for almost 6 straight hours.  It was fun!  Got invited to a raid for some more PvP in hellfire, but I ended up just sorta watching as they had pretty well outnumbered – near double towards the end.  After that I actually went back to RPing some more, but then an 80 Shaman jumped us right on the border with Tirisfal as we were heading to Tirisfal Keep.  I was with a pair of 30-somethings and had to put her down 2 or 3 times before I could get them through.  Was fun and would have made a great screenshot if I had remembered to press the darn key!

So, lots of RP, little bit of PvP.  RP-PvP blog?  Might try that if things keep up like they are.

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  1. Oh, also Cee, yeah I think I might have to change it somehow for Cataclysm. Or stop. Not sure yet.

  2. Yeah, thanks so much for suggesting every hunter in our raid tonight name a pet after me. That’s really…awesome…thanks.

  3. If the Hellfire thing started as what I think it was, it began with us outnumbered by double, too — our 3 vs. their 7. (That was so lame it should be put to sleep, but I’m sure if I see a Horde accounting of it, they were valiantly fighting two full 40 man Ally raids or something)

    Anyways, something funny came out of it. As Darv was going through her combat log, counting noses, she exclaimed in chat, “Kere is here! Invite him!” And I’m like, huh? Check my friends list and it shows Kerelious in Elwynn forest. I say so, but Darv is insistent. “No, he’s here in my combat log!” It’s late. I’m tired. I think about it. And then I laugh.

    It was my pet. I tell the party and THEY laugh.

    And then, I logged to an alt (which is what I was doing before I marched out to HH in the first place), having no interest in giving that particular group of Horde any fun.

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