W/Rusah and a couple others were camping our lowbies again, so we went to go see what we could do against the Kiithsa Hunter 80s that were camping our one level 30 something.  For as much trash as these guys talk about our guild, MAN do they give us a lot of attention!  We decided to keep our group small to try and fight them fairly.  There was sure to be a random 80 in zone that would join them like always, so we took four.  Once we get there we start looking for them, they run away from us hopping back and forth at the zone line.  Finally we run into them, only to find that all the running away they did was to wait for more people!  Since they obviously weren’t interested in fighting, we decided to leave.  The number of Horde 80s in zone doubled once they wiped us.  I tabbed out of game to read some forums, and when I came back, I rezzed up and headed north for the Rebel Camp flightmaster.  Lo and behold, a couple 80s found me, and shortly after that, the whole Kiithsa crew came all the way from the Alliance fort just to help kill me!  Having the ire of an entire guild has it’s disadvantages!

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