Nobody puts Darvie in the corner!

So Resng was visiting Rim in Elwynn.  This didn’t make a lot of people thrilled, myself included.  And it kinda went downhill with other Horde started showing up.  So after i’d had enough of the making nice, I started calling other people to get rid of the other Horde.  Several other Alliance happened to be there too playing with their former/current Horde guildies, and were whispering everyone but me (literally) like mad not to kill the Horde.  Finally, and I don’t know who started it, but Resng started nuking Darvaria, and it was on.  We laid ’em all along the back hill.  Gave them a chance to leave, which most of them took.  Couple of the Alliance got a little pissy, but Rim stepped in and mediated the dispute RP style.  Sort of.

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  1. I’m just stunned that Darv can hate on Rim so hard, and not think TheFrizz isn’t an angry infant of epic proportions. O_o

    Oh well, with any luck he bought himself a one-way ticket to WoW Annihilation with his last visit.

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