PvP happened, and I pretty much just watched.

A few of us decided to head up and try out the new zombie/plant quest thing.  Of course, there were Horde camping the questgiver.  I ignored them, and managed the first 2 or 3 levels pretty quickly, but couldn’t close the deal on the pumpkin bomb one.  I kept trying over, and over, and over.  Meanwhile, all my guild mates were around killing the Horde trying to camp the questgiver.  It turned into a pretty epic fight from the sounds of it.  I occasionally popped out and threw my shield around or chased someone off, but for the most part I kept trying to complete the dang quest to no avail.  Apparently there was another group of Alliance running around as well.  Meanwhile, friends and guild were going back and forth until they finally managed to keep the upper hand and chased the Horde into Tarren Mill.  Finally most everyone had to log so they called it quits.  Good fight!  I think.

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  1. Bruder says:

    Yea pretty back and forth for awile, reminded me why i love world pvp

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