Stormwind Guards are my heroes!

Got a random whisper asking for help with a trio of Horde hanging around the front gates of Stormwind.  I saw LocalDefense go off in the Valley of Kings, so I went to help.  Ended up just being a pair of mages I saw, but someone said there was a hunter as well.  Frostlord and Lichborne.  Now Frostlord seemed to have the right idea, but poor Lichborne just got annihilated by the Stormwind guards multiple time!  I watched his health go down in chunks!  OUCH!  I was with Tigran and Mirzeta, and they seemed quite capable without me, but I lent a few Avenger Shields here and there once the mages made it outside the walls.  I think it all ended when Lichborne made it about 10 digital feet from the steps of the Stormwind bank, only to get face humped by a naked lowbie Gnome named Englebert.  The spirit rez happened quickly.

And yes, the mighty Stormwind Banner has been reduced to a pithy Darnassus one.  FIX NOW PLEASE!

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  1. Lichbornne says:

    HAHA, it was a known suicide mission from the beginning. The hunter was in deadly gear and logged after getting two shotted by a druid. We just found him along the way, and added him to the kamakazi mission.

    I was totally hammered and thought I’d find some fun in trade district. Forgot how many guards are skulking about that area. Damn those guards hit hard, as does akaladinn, or however that’s spelled.

    Good times,

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