The End!

It’s been a fun little project, but with Cataclysm coming out, it’s changed a lot of things for me.  I’ll miss the little drama-hater-trolls, but I won’t miss all my new Horde buddies – because we’re all in one big happy guild right now!  I want to devote more of my time to my guild and RL, and less to my little virtual World of Warcraft diary.  Thank you everyone for reading, it has made me a ton of new friends in game and has been nothing but a positive experience for me.  It even appears to have inspired others to do their own little diaries.

I doubt I will come back to it, and certainly not to do the exact same thing.  I have a few ideas for future projects, but I want to be sure it’ll be something I can stick with.

I will have one last post tomorrow.  Thanks again to everyone, you were a great audience!  Good night!

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