Why I hate my warrior.

Couple of Horde were standing on top of the Stormwind gate, so I decided to jump on them with Bruder and Iriandrial.  We managed to kill them the first time, but after that, it was a complete cluster.  I must have died half a dozen times in the span of one stunlock.  A rogue and shaman completely destroyed a warrior, hunter, and shadow priest.  Pathetic.  I logged onto my paladin and had no problem there.  We caught them separated, and took the opportunity for a little vengeance.  We then picked up a couple more, and they were finally no trouble at all.

Thank goodness they nerfed warrior healing.  Way too overpowered.

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  1. Nath says:

    Yeah for leveling I mean that a lot of the quests pit Horde vs Alliance so am I anticipating fierce pvp battles while questing. It’s going to get ugly out there.

  2. PvE actually isn’t a problem. I am just repeatedly trashed by most everyone in PvP. I might try resilience in the yellow sockets, I’m looking for something to spend honor on.

  3. Nath says:

    The healing was pretty OP when we get up to six figure health pools at 85. The nerf just sucks for us right now at 80. I replaced a lot of Str gems with Resil gems in my wrathful gear and it makes a big difference in survival. You play more as a support class, zooming around stunning and snaring the most threatening targets at once and then assisting on the kill with a Throwdown -> Deadly Calm -> MS -> OP -> HS combo burst.

    Warrior damage at 85 is second to none. We are also much harder to kite when we have Heroic Leap. Until then my advice is to try to level with a group. And get healers to follow you around in PvP.

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