BF3: Getting better at Battlefield 3

I have struggled a lot with Battlefield 3.  FPS games are not my best arena.  I, personally, am dragging down our platoons stats.  Not pulling my weight really, really bothers me.  So after a few tips from friends, and a lot of YouTube searches on ‘How to get better at Battlfield 3,’ I have decided to double down on improving my game.  To date I have:
  • Tried all four classes.  The support class has consistently been my best performer.
  • Tried different weapons.  The UMP-45, M16-A4, USAS-12, and the MP7 all helped noticeably.

My stats were much lower before I tried these things:

  • Below 9% accuracy
  • .27 kill/death ratio
  • Below 200 score per minute


Currently my stats are:
  • 10.1% accuracy
  • .496 kill/death ratio
  • 216 score per minute
  • 196 skill


My goals are to reach:

  • 1.0 k/d ratio
  • 15% accuracy
  • 300 score per minute
  • 300 skill


I will be posting a video every so often as a sample of my progress.  At the end of each video I will post some tips that I learned. Then with the help of friends and readers, I will be able to see what I’m doing wrong and improve. So without further adieu, here’s my first video in the series…

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  1. PagsGT says:

    One tip I can give if you’re playing with others and using a voice service is to communicate and not complain. If you’re getting shot tell your teammates where you’re getting hit by, and be descriptive. Don’t say behind you, or over there, if he’s under the arches say ‘arches’ or ‘3rd floor c building’, etc.

    If you’re not sure use the kill cam to your advantage, once you’re down describe everything about the person that got you, where he is, where he’s going, what class was he, etc.

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