EoN: End of Nations beta and preorder

End of Nations is a free-to-play (F2P) MMORTS, RTS being the key part. RTS stands for Real Time Strategy, which are games like Starcraft. In EoN you build your squad ahead of time, then jump into the faction versus faction warfare in a persistent world. The outcome of these 56 player battles allegedly affects the balance of power in the game. Beta invites are going out in just under 6 days, so go sign up now!

While it is F2P, you can preorder some special perks for $29.99 via the Founders Edition. While it may seem strange to preorder a F2P game, it actually isn’t unusual. You get a forum title, tank skins for each faction, 1000 cash shop gems (currency) with a 30% store discount, XP & loot boosts, an extra commander (and boost to level 5 for any commander), and early access. I’d wait until beta to see if it’s worth the money. A forum title is nothing, but the tank skins may catch your fancy. There are three things that stand out to me as potentially worth the money. First, an extra commander gives you some options. From seeing the other faction to testing new compositions and loadouts. This depends on how many commanders you start with, and if you’re allowed to roll on both factions. Another real potential value is in the cash shop incentives, which is heavily dependent on your personal cash flow and taste for the game. The early access is of course nice too.

We’ll have to see how these play out. I am already signed up for beta testing. Do you think the preorder is worth it?

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