GEAR: Sony Wireless Stereo Headset

Recommendation: Definitely buy

I’ve used several headsets for gaming. I have used them all until they literally broke on me. Finally I decided I was willing to spend the extra money to get a comfortable and quality headset.

My first step, as always, was my research. Everything from manufacturer sites, to retail sites, to asking guild mates what they were using. I came up with some must haves for headsets to move the process along.

1. Comfort. I play a lot of hours of online gaming. I don’t want a headset I’m going to get a headache from, or that leaves marks.

2. Wireless. No more getting my headset yanked off when spinning the wrong direction in my chair, or getting the chord caught on my computer, desk, chair, or large dog.

3. Rechargeable. I am not buying batteries every week, or replace them in the middle of a ranked match. It needs to have good battery life too because I don’t want to have to recharge it instead of use it.

Enter the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset.

It was a brand new product at the time. It looked comfortable, it was wireless, and rechargeable with a listed 10 hour talk time. Mostly good comments too. What finally ended up selling me was the ability to use with my Playstation 3 as well.

Amazon, Target, Best Buy – all the online usuals had it for the same $99.99 price. Since waiting for shipping wasn’t going to save me any money, I tried a brick and mortar Best Buy for the reward zone points. No dice, they didn’t even have it in stock. Surprisingly I found it at Target.

Got it home, unboxed it, and got my Sony Wireless Stereo Headset running with no hassle. It felt like a decent quality build with the exception of the retractable mouth piece. Since I’ve had it, it’s taken a couple of tumbles with the mouth piece extended, but it took it like a champ and is no worse for the wear. In addition, the mic is very sensitive and has picked up noises in the background here at home. I often leave it on top of my desktop and just talk.  From about 1 foot away it picks up just fine.

The Sony Wireless Stereo Heaset has what i’d rate as an average to slightly above average comfort level. No specific complaints, but not king of the ring either. The battery life is very acceptable. While it isn’t exactly as advertised, I can recharge it with my PS3 controller cable via a USB port when I’m not going to be using them for a while. It does not come with this charging cable, so if you don’t have a PS3, don’t forget to pick up the cable.

I definitely recommend buying this if you’re looking for something sub-$100 and worthwhile. A couple weeks later, I saw them on Amazon for $20 less. If mine broke today, absent a windfall of cash, I’d pick up another without hesitation. I spend probably average 40+ hours a week gaming, and a large part of that is with these on my head or around my neck.

What headsets do you use, and do you like them? If you have the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset, what do you think of it?

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