MOBILE: PvP in Mobile Gaming

I have managed to find a few multiplayer games for mobile that with some decent PvP gameplay, and am always on the lookout for more. While I have found the Apple store has the most polished games overall, the Google Play store has been a lot kinder about letting you try before you buy. More and more of these games are going cross platform too, so either one you go with will likely be fine. Here are a few games I have found worth looking at. I’ll cover them a little more in depth eventually, but these three are worth putting out there for you to check out now.

Pocket Legends ( A / G ) * Star Legends (A / G ) * Dark Legends ( A / G )

A full fledged MMO for mobile platforms. Pocket Legends is your fantasy genre, Star Legends is your Sci-Fi genre, and Dark Legends is your vampire genre. Free to download.  The in game store is where they make their money, but you can still experience quite a lot without spending anything.

High Noon ( Apple )

You duel other players in an old fashioned, wild west, duel of pistols.  True twitch PvP gaming at its finest though. This is more of a “fun” game like Angry Birds than something to get serious about. It’s a free download, but only for Apple.

Great Little War Game ( Apple / Google )

The best RTS/strategy game I have found for the mobile platform. Fun and funny, yet it requires real strategic thinking. There is a free version in the Apple store, and a paid version in both stores. There is also an expansion that has been released recently for both Apple and Android.

Do you know of any MMOs or multiplayer games with PvP for Android or iOS worth looking at?

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