SWTOR: State of the Game!

I’ve recently had a bit of a financial hardship dropped on me.  I had to replace my entire heating and air system after a miserable six days in the summer heat.  My SWTOR subscription comes due on August 16th, so I have decided to end my subscription.  As I have already pre-ordered and paid for Guild Wars 2 in full, I can’t justify paying for a game when I have one that’s free.  I definitely plan on returning when it becomes Free to Play.  Star Wars is still a great game, and i’d recommend it to anybody.

In anticipation of my Star Wars hiatus, I have several content items i’m working on.  My YouTube videos are getting quite a few views.  I’d like to start with my thoughts on the Free to Play conversion, but I want to wait for the promised FAQ post.  I’m holding off in hopes it shows up before this Friday.

Feel like adding something?