GW2: Tricky Bloodtide Coast Vistas

Bloodtide Coast (Levels 45-55)

Most vistas in Guild Wars 2 are obvious.  I did run across a few in the Bloodtide Coast (45-55) region this week that were not obvious.  Whisperwill Bogs, Mournful Depths, and Mole’s Head all had vistas that needed a good eye to spot the starting point.  I thought these three could benefit from a How-To video showing the starting point.  Once you’re up and jumping, the route is pretty obvious for any vista I have found so far in Guild Wars 2.  If you’ve subscribed to the channel, you saw these were posted before today!

Whisperwill Bogs Vista

This vista in Whisperwill Bogs took some effort just to find the starting place.  We had to do a little trial and error searching around. This particular vista attempt had a slight complication for me personally…

Mournful Depths Vista

Another hiding in plain sight starting point is the one for the vista in Mournful Depths.  Even though as you can see in the video it is pretty straight forward, literally, I thought it blended in enough to warrant a good new-fashioned video explanation.

Mole’s Head Vista

This was one of the harder vistas to get because of where it was.  This underground cavern with all the Risen inside was a pain.  They kept spawning and attacking.  You can even hear in the video where i’m getting attacked while looking at the map.  (There’s a quick edit so you have to be paying attention.)  My best advice is get  to jumping as soon as you can.  We died a few times in here.

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