EON: End of Nations Beta Update

End of Nations Beta Weekend 3 keys

I finally got word back from Trion Worlds on beta keys for End of Nations this weekend.  There are no new beta keys for this weekend’s event.  That said, the keys from End of Nations Beta Weekend Event #2 should still be active.  That means if you had a beta key for BWE 2, then it should work for BWE 3.  In addition, the old keys should still work.  I have quite a few leftover from End of Nations BWE 2, so if you need one:
  1. Leave a comment here about how much you’re looking forward to the End of Nations beta event this weekend.
  2. Email me.  I’ll send you a key as soon as I can.
Just as an FYI, once you entered the key you could not download the game until they flipped a switch.  I’m not sure how the End of Nations team is going to work it this time, but the last two weekend events it worked that way.  I might manage to find some time for End of Nations this weekend.  I was hoping to finish leveling in Guild Wars 2, but a little break might be nice.  So who’s ready for End of Nations?!

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