EON: The Final Countdown Begins

The Final Beta Weekend Event details for End of Nations have been Announced!

Clear your calendars MMORTS fans.  This is one End of Nations event you won’t want to miss! (Sound cliche enough yet?)  It starts October 4th at 8 AM PDT/11 AM EST, and ends October 7th at 9 PM PDT / 12 AM EST.  The good news doesn’t stop there either gamers.  There are a few gems buried in the details.  Most notably is the promise of 500 in-game credits for End of Nations if you play in this final weekend event.  That is almost literally getting paid to beta test a game.  (Or is it a bribe?  You decide.)  Next up is the promise of (a) new map(s).  Something called ‘Full Boar’ promises a co-op map against a giant Panzer tank.  Finally, there is a confirmation again that the game will launch later this year.  Considering the event finishes out the first week of October, i’d imagine that puts it squarely in a mid-to-late November window.  At least, that’s the official Constant Warfare (TM) guess.

Invites are going out ‘soon’.  You might even have one already.  As usual, there are no guarantees unless you pre-order a Founders Edition.  If you haven’t signed up already for a free chance, go to the beta hub and knock that out right now.  If you’re even the least bit interested, starting with 500 credits is like a game that pays you to try it.  There is also a nifty countdown clock on the beta hub site if you want that extra reminder of when you can get your next End of Nations fix.  The NDA is also being lifted for the event, so you can release that pent up screenshot and video angst.  You will be able to unleash it all over YouTube, forums, and everywhere else e-memories are shared.


Most importantly though, enjoy the event!

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