FIREFALL: Now Available for Pre-Order.

Interesting Founders Packages

If you haven’t checked out the game Firefall, now’s a good time.  It is an upcoming Free to Play MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter).  Currently Firefall is still in beta testing, and you can still sign up.  Recently however, Firefall developer Red 5 announced the game was now available for pre-order direct from their website.  They offer some very, very interesting rewards with one price point I find particularly odd.  These rewards will also be accessible during beta testing.

The Ensign Package

The first price point for pre-ordering Firefall is $20.  You get:

  1. $20 worth of the Firefall cash shop currency (Red beans)
  2. A decal for your MEK suit
  3. A Tiki Mask (Cosmetic item)
  4. A name reserved forever
  5. … and a 5% XP boost.  Permanently.  Not for an hour or 24 hours, or 3 days.  I find this the most odd and possibly most persuasive reward.

The Lieutenant Package

The second Firefall pre-order price point is $50.  You get all of the above, plus:

  1. The cash shop currency is upped to $55.
  2. Some extra tiki masks to pass out to friends.
  3. A permanent Army name reservation.  I’m guessing this is your guild name.
  4. A cool looking, at least from the thumbnail, poster of the Arclight.
  5. Now this is where the rewards really get interesting.  The permanent XP boost is 10% and has a 5% XP boost for squad members.  So you get a 10% boost, and your friends in party get a 5% boost.

The Commander Package

The final Firefall pre-order package is $100.  This seems to be an odd price point to me.  This is no Star Wars: The Old Republic or World of Warcraft, so $100 seems a bit steep to me for an untested game property.  Maybe if money isn’t an issue to you, or you’re a die-hard FPS fan, this may be more of a no brainer.  In the mean time, you get every benefit mentioned so far, with some benefits increased:
  1. The cash shop allowance is $120
  2. The XP boost is raised to 15% for you with 10% for your squad.
  3. A beanie for you to wear, not your character.
  4. A really sweet looking in game ride.  This won’t be the only way to get a vehicle, but it’ll be the easiest apparently.
The XP boosts seem to have the most potential.  A quick look at the FAQ doesn’t really mention whether this boost applies to all characters created, or just one.  If this is account wide, altaholics could really be getting an amazing value from any of these packages.  It does mention that the XP boosts are not cumulative, so a party wouldn’t get 5% from one and 10% from another.  You’d just get the 10% bonus.  They do ship internationally (Russia!) at no additional cost.
Again, if you haven’t checked out Firefall, it’s worth a look.  The game will be Free to Play, so there’s no need to pre-order unless you want to.  I will definitely be trying it out, but given my success in FPS games I don’t really think i’ll be spending a lot of time there.  Will any of you be pre-ordering or checking this game out in beta?

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