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Lifetime 5 slot Voice Chat Hosting

While I was searching for a new Mumble server for our MGC (Multi Game Community), I ran across MyMumble.  They offer a free 5 slot Mumble voice server for life.  Small groups of players could use this service, or maybe someone that needs a temporary voice chat server.  MyMumble also offers an interesting price point: Lifetime.  That’s right, you can buy a lifetime Mumble hosting plan.  If you are looking for voice chat services, I personally like Mumble the best.  I don’t have a Ventrilo service to recommend.  If you know of a good one, leave it in the comments.  Beyond that I found their plans to be about twice as much as some of the others.  They might make up for it in quality and service, so who knows?
Anyone plan on getting a 5 man Mumble voice server?  Anyone have any experiences with MyMumble?

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  1. Nation Voice is offline. The notice I get when I try to log in is that they have not paid their bill and the host has shut them down.

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