GW2: Sparkfly Fen Vistas

Sparkfly Fen Vistas (Levels 55-65)

Vistas in the Sparkfly Fen fen area in Guild Wars 2 were mostly easy to follow and straightforward.  So far, anyway.  I haven’t finished the area.  I’m going for completion over speed leveling for the first time in my history of playing MMOs.  Still, I found two that were possibly a little trickier than normal.  The Splintered Coast one was especially tricky and lengthy.  So as usual, I created a couple of Guild Wars 2 “How-To” videos for the occasion.

Splintered Coast

This is one of those vistas that require some skillful jumping.  I belly flopped to the ground during my first try.  The camera angles in Guild Wars 2 can make vista hunting a little difficult.  When it puts a giant tree branch between you and your field of view, you’re going to take a nasty spill.  Or five.  Oh, and be careful jumping down.  I may or may not have died at the end of this video…

Verarium Delves

This Guild Wars 2 vista was the hardest for me to find since the Stronghold of Ebonhawke Vista.  You have to start off far to the north between the Uzanarin Depths and Ocean’s Gullet regions.  Sorry if the video is a little long, but there isn’t really a quick way to show you how to reach this vista.  There is a spot you come across with a little waterfall that looks really, really nice.  At least you can enjoy the Guild Wars 2 scenery along the way.  I still can’t say enough how nice this game looks on low-end machines.  You will also be fighting on your trek to this vista.  Nothing difficult, but it’s worth mentioning.

Update 09/12/2012: I updated this video to be a lot shorter.  There is also a follow up video for finding a chest!  You can find it on my YouTube channel right now!

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