The Secret World Free Trial Gets Interesting

An Evolving Free Trial

Funcom has put a little twist on the Free Trial for it’s latest MMO, The Secret World.  Before, it was a simple three day free trial.  Personally, I thought that was a little weak.  Three days seems barely enough to learn new game mechanics for a veteran MMO player, let alone someone starting MMOs from scratch.  I’m sure there is a formula for how long after release an MMO should put forward a good, solid trial.  I don’t think anyone has found it this formula yet though.  So far, first prize for most strange starter trial goes to Star Wars: The Old Republic.  A three day weekend pass, but only after a friend refers you.  That’s a lot of hoops to jump through just to get a copy of a game trial, for three days, and for one person.

Now, The Secret World lets you set your own pace for the free trial.  If you complete thirty (30) quests in the first three days, then you get an extra 2 days and $10 in Funcom points for the in game store.  That equates to 1200 points if you were wondering.  Then, if you defeat the very first boss in the very first dungeon, you get an in game item.  The Whispering Demon Ring offers an XP boost in the early parts of the game.  Of course, this means you have to subscribe to reap the benefits.  Clever ploy eh?

So now you have one more reason to stop procrastinating and check out the The Secret World.  What do you think about this new 2-stage trial?


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