GW2: Borderlands Jumping Puzzle

World versus World Jumping Puzzles

All the Borderlands jumping puzzles in WvW are the same.  If you’ve done the jumping puzzle in one Borderlands, you’ve done the jumping puzzle in all three borderlands.  That makes it easier on you, really.  The Eternal Battlegrounds jumping puzzle is very long, complicated, and not likely to be posted on this website anytime ever.  I haven’t figured out how or when the jumping puzzles reset.  I do know you can do each WvW jumping puzzle once per day, per character.

The Borderlands Jumping Puzzle In Two Acts

The WvW jumping puzzle in the Borderlands requires two keys.  These two keys are what unlock the chest at the end of the jumping puzzle.  There are two paths you have to take which require you to restart only once if you do it right.

WvW Jumping Puzzle Rewards

The reward in the chest at the end of the jumping puzzle is a few pieces of Fine and/or Masterwork gear, as well as some Badges of Honor and siege weapon plans.  For the Borderlands jumping puzzles, I have seen 4-6 badges, 2-3 pieces of gear, and 2-3 siege weapon plans.  The Eternal Battlegrounds jumping puzzle gives about twice as much.  Keep these things in mind though for the chest rewards:

  1. The Badges of Honor are account bound, and can be swapped between characters.
  2. The siege weapon plans are character bound.  You cannot swap these.
  3. Jumping puzzles reset 24 hours after you complete them.

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  1. Iriandrial says:

    Are you going for any pvp pieces? I mean the 10-15 badges are nice, as well as the siege plans. I thought you were the new king of Jumping puzzles!

  2. Iriandrial says:

    Should have Phrozen take you through EB. THen you can get a good fraps on it. If he can walk/talk ME through that jumping puzzle, you should be fine. =D

    • Not sure I want to invest that much time, let alone making a video of it. Without a Mesmer portal, it could take an easy 20-30 minutes. Or so I’ve been told. We got a Mesmer portal through part of it one night and it still took about 15 minutes.

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