December 2012 Gaming News Roundup

There’s been a flurry of news in the gaming community this month, and we’re not even at the halfway point.  At least in the games I follow: End of Nations, The Secret World, and a little less ‘big’ news from Firefall.

End of Nations

Due to some massive employee layoffs at Petroglyph, Trion Worlds has taken over development of End of Nations.  You can read the forum post here, but they’re basically making three changes to the way the game is now.
  1. Making the game easier to learn for beginners.  This is good.
  2. Revamping the UI.  This is good.  While it wasn’t necessarily ‘bad’ before, it wasn’t as intuitive as it could have been.  It took me a few minutes longer than normal to figure it all out, but it was still a good solid UI.  I can see why they wanted to change it.
  3. I want to use their words for this, “advancements in player strategy”.  Errr…what’s that mean?  I have no idea, but this is potentially scary.  This could mean adding more units/commander abilities, therefore more strategies.  Or it could be directly related to #1.  Making the game easier for beginners i’m good with.  Making the endgame easier, not so much.  Advancing strategy sounds good in theory, but I guess we’ll have to wait to see what that means.
So now hopefully we’ll be moving towards End of Nations open beta once more.

The Secret World

I got an email about a week ago letting me know there was something up in The Secret World.  I was invited to participate in an ARG that starts on December 12th.  I know, kinda late to be telling you about it.  I apologize, but work has been more unforgiving than usual lately.  You can still sign up for the event on a special page of their website – I already have.  So what is this Secret World ARG?
ARG stands for Alternate Reality Game.  Basically it’s an event that ties into The Secret World, but the event takes place outside the game in the ‘real world’.  Puzzles are given on certain websites, scripted videos are shown like a webisode, social media discussions and clues, and so on.  If you speak Spanish fluently, head over to that website and listen to the creepy prayer/chanting.  Post what she’s saying in the comments please?  I don’t speak Spanish well enough, and she’s talking way too fast.  I’m willing to bet it’s the first clue on this ARG journey.
Also, FYI, December 21st is when the Mayan calendar ends.  What a perfect setup for The Secret World.  Also worth mentioning, I’ve seen some rumors about TSW going Free to Play…


On a less spectacular note, Firefall has surpassed it’s next goal for founders.  Now all founders will be awarded with two additional in-game rewards.  The latest is the Locust Warpaint so your MEK frame decals will match your bike.  Assuming you bought the $100 Commander package.  If not, hint-hint, you can still match your bike when the game goes live.Remember, if you need a Firefall beta key, like my Facebook page and leave a comment about Firefall.  I’ll send you one.

Planetside 2 and Multiplayer Games For iPhone and Android

So I am going to take a look at Planetside 2 soon.  I am horrible at FPS games, but hopefully there’s enough MMO in Planetside 2 to balance things out.  I’ve heard you have to join a huge guild to enjoy the game.  I’m not looking forward to that, so hopefully it’s just conjecture.  We’ll see.
I am also looking more at multiplayer games for iPhone and Android.  The mobile gaming platform is especially interesting to me, but multiplayer is still a must.  If you have any games you like, drop me a name in the comments below.

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