Dinostorm Game Review

Dinosaurs.  Cowboys.  Lasers.

I was on a bit of a dinosaur-kick and was searching around when I came across this game.  Dinostorm is a free to play MMO from Splitscreen Studios where you ride dinosaurs, as a cowboy, while shooting laser guns.  It is a browser game, and I don’t play browser games.  I feel like they’re not ‘real’ games for some reason.  But, I was on a dinosaur kick, so I tried it out.Dinostorm Website

The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Dinostorm does have some nice music.  I really liked it a lot.  It also has an interesting game mechanic called Fame.  You get Fame by having fancy clothes.  Each piece generates a certain amount.  The game mentions elections being held at town hall for Sheriff or other political offices.  (You can read the full spiel in the video)  Players with enough Fame can get other rewards too, like the ability to place spawn points.  I found these to be the most innovative parts of Dinostorm.  It seems to be a very social game aimed at the teenager demographic.
The graphics were not impressive.  The characters themselves looked like something out of the original Wolfenstein.  It kinda looks like a storm of dinosaurs hit you in the face.  (Get it?  Dinostorm?  Right.  Moving on…)  The dinosaurs themselves looked good though, which was odd to me.  The biggest drawback to the game I found was the XP gain.  I got level two in a hurry, as expected.  Level three on the other hand… that… took… forever…    I got to level three in just shy of an hour.  It’s a free to play game, so XP boosts may be part of the cash shop.  Or maybe I have unrealistic expectations for an MMO.
Dinostorm has a lot of the same standard features as good MMOs.  They don’t make it stand out, but they do help it keep pace.
  • Combat while riding dino-back (Horseback) was very fun.
  • Quests could be picked up and turned in from everywhere.
  • Dinosaur tracks lead you to your quest objectives like a beacon.

Try Dinostorm For Yourself

Really only the slow experience gain should keep you away from Dinostorm.  I could have been imagining things, but it just seemed a lot slower than my previous early leveling experiences in MMOs.  There’s virtually no download if you have Java already installed, so there’s no reason not to try it if you’re into dinosaurs or just want something to do.  I’m glad I did try it, personally.  It increased my appreciation for browser games.  I’ll be much less hesitant to try them in the future.  I put together a review video.  I’m trying to improve my videos, so please give me some feedback!I leave you with one final thought on Dinostorm, but you’ll have to watch the video to understand.Dinosaur BBQ

What do you think of Dinostorm?  How about browser games in general?  Most importantly, did you like the Dinosaur BBQ or not?

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