End of the World Keeps It Real

December 2012 Keeps Bringing Good News

If you’re reading this, the end of the world hasn’t happened.  Yet.  If it doesn’t happen at all, then there’s even MORE good news.  As if the first batch of news in December 2012 wasn’t good enough, it just keeps coming.

Warhorn Build Inc

The poll was tied, so i’ll be going with the one I wanted to do most.  I’ll be experimenting with a warrior warhorn build now.  I’m not holding myself to any other specifics yet, but have a few ideas of what I want.  I want to use an axe with the warhorn because the guild axe skins just looks awesome, as does the Lionguard axe skin.  I want to use a greatsword too because the Ghastly Greatsword just looks…awesome.  This would mean no ranged weapon, but like I mentioned, i’m not committing to anything beyond a warhorn focused build.
I was really never interested in a warhorn build until recently.  I’ve heard it has lots of mobility and condition cleansing.  I am looking forward to spending countless hours in the mists again, toying around with builds and weapons.  Ahh, the joys of theorycrafting.  I’m going to also try and put together a series of videos on my own build creation strategy.

Moving Forward With Mobile

As you may have noticed, I have thrown up a Mobile section.  It’s bare bones on the multiplayer games for iPhone and Android I have come across so far that are worth recommending.  I’m going to slowly build on it on Mondays.  Mobile Mondays should be a common or more common occurrence.

Red 5 Studios Gives Big Discount On Firefall

I caught this one on Twitter.  Firefall Founders editions are on sale for 25% off!  Only until January 1st though.  I was actually just planning on going the Free to Play route with this, but this big of a discount really has my interest.  The 5% XP and $20 worth of Red beans (cash shop currency) are really looking to be a good value for $15.  Willing to bet a lot of other people are going to agree.

 Facebook And Twitter LFM

I just want to remind everyone that I do still have a Facebook and Twitter page.  They haven’t gone anywhere.  If you find anything on my page useful, please consider giving it a like.  If not, please consider telling me why in comments or an email.  As long as you can keep it constructive, I genuinely want to hear any and all feedback.  Suggestions and requests are good too.  No guarantees that I will make it happen, but I will certainly run it through the old Thinking Cap.

For The Comments Below

Also, new poll!  Vote!  Let’s break the all time record of…4 votes.  How do you think the world is going to end?  More like End of Nations or Firefall?


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