Firefall: Beta Weekend 11/30 to 12/3

What Is Firefall?

Firefall is an MMOFPS.  I found it to be an MMO with some FPS mechanics.  You can play in traditional RPG over-the-shoulder view, or First Person (FPS) view.  You have your different classes as in an FPS (Engineer, Biotech, Assault, etc), but the gameplay controls still feel overall like an MMO.  This was actually one of the most enjoyable games I have played in a while.  I keep wanting to go back more and more to try new things, moreso than some other beta games I have tested.
I tested the Recon and Biotech classes so far.  I saw a distinct lack of Biotechs, which are the healing and reviving class.  I needed a lot of reviving.  Engineers can heal a little as well.  The beginning NPCs are very challenging, which I think is a good thing.  It may be a tuning issue, or it may be Firefall is trying to turn a corner and take a little bit of the mindlessness out of MMOs.

What’s Good In Firefall

There were a few things I saw in Firefall that were new, or different enough.  Jet packs were the very first noticeable difference.  You actually start the game with a jet pack!  This is normally something you’d have to earn in other games.  I thought starting with it was an interesting, and good, idea.  It puts a third axis to content with while killing enemies – up!
Random health and ammo was another mechanic I liked.  Moreso this comes from an MMO player perspective.  In FPS games you have to manage your ammunition somewhat, whereas in MMOs there’s no need to.  In Firefall, there are lots of places to find these powerups.  Out in the wild, you can heal up at places called ‘Relaxation Stations’.  In cities, there are little platforms where you can pick up a heal and top off your ammo.  It’s all free, no payment required.  I guess this encourages you to really unload on enemies, which in turn is of course a lot of fun.
You can also set your character’s accent in Firefall.  You can talk like a hard charging sergeant, or a good old country boy.  There are several to choose from, and it was nice not hearing my own voice every time another male player said something.  Even though this is kind of a quality of life feature, I think things like this push MMOs into the ‘Next Gen’ category.
These were just a few things I noticed right off the bat.

What’s Not So Good In Firefall

I only really saw one thing I didn’t like in the little bit I have played so far.  The healing was very slow.  VERY slow.  For such a fast paced game, it’s kind of surprising.  There are a lot of buffs out in the world, but it seemed to me like there weren’t quite enough.  I was healing about 1 point per second, but with a health pool of over 1000, you can imagine how not-useful that is.
Of course quests were buggy, there was lag, but this is to be expected on a stress test weekend.  Other MMOs have fared far worse.  It’s also still in beta, so the health regen can be managed still.  I watched one player on a stream, and he was healing for 11 per second.  That makes me worry it’s cash shop bait.

Is Firefall Worth Playing?

Yes.  Despite the drawbacks I listed, i’m still content to wait and see the finished product.  A lot of things can change in a beta build.  It’s also going to be F2P so if you like MMOs or FPS, why not?  If you are an MMO player, don’t let the FPS tag steer you away.  It’s every bit an MMO.  The only noticeable difference is your character’s over-the-shoulder perspective.  If you can deal with that, you can deal with Firefall.  Watch the video I posted and you can see what I mean.

Here’s a tip if you want a Firefall Beta Key.  Sign up on their website, and go to the Off-Topic Forums.  People give away beta keys all the time.  I got one from this thread in fact.  Even the player I mentioned earlier that was streaming was giving away 10 on his channel.  When I joined he had 9 left, and gave away 2 while I was watching to other people.  They’re easy to get, so don’t worry.  Red 5 has also endorsed this particular method of giving keys away, so it’s perfectly legitimate as well.

If you need a beta key, I have a few keys to give out too.  Like my Facebook page and say something about Firefall.  I’ll send you a key via private message.  Just make sure to tell me your thoughts on Firefall!  It can be as simple as you like it, love it, or just can’t wait to play it.If you don’t need or want a key, still feel free to leave your thoughts about Firefall in the comments below or like the Facebook page!

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