Grouping does not give better loot.  Grouping does give more loot.  I’ve seen a lot of people that don’t quite grasp how the bonus for group loot works.  Here’s a little explanation, complete with visual aid, of how grouping improves the loot drop rate.

Does Grouping Give More Loot?  Yes.

Magic Find comes into play when you loot a mob.  It has no affect on whether or not loot will drop.  How many players in your group have tagged said mob affect whether or not loot drops.  For example, let’s say there are 5 people in your group.  Each person in your group that hits the mob would increase the chance for something to drop by 10%.  So if all 5 people hit the mob, that’s an extra 50% chance for it to drop something.  The numbers are not accurate, but you get the idea behind it.  So make sure you are farming in the same immediate area, hitting the same mobs.  If you aren’t all hitting the same mobs, you might as well be farming alone.  In the video below, you can see how I fare looting before and after joining a group.  Again, I am coordinating with my group to hit the same mobs.  Basically we’re all just using AoE.  It’s very simple.

Watch How Group Loot Works

Farming Tips

  • Only hitting a mob once or twice improves your odds.  Give your other group members a chance to hit it.  If you burn it down as fast as you can, there’s always a chance someone with less efficient AoE didn’t get a hit in.  In which case, you’ve just screwed yourself. You won’t get any less loot by doing this.
  • There are lots of people here always looking to fill or join groups.  Ask around.
  • Some Fine and Common gear actually sells for more than vendor price on the Trading Post.
  • The market for Thick Leather Sections is terrible right now.  You are better off vendoring the Common medium gear instead of breaking it down.
  • Don’t be “That guy.”  Wait for the mob groups to come to you.  Don’t camp the spawn points!  Lately this is a self correcting problem.  The mobs at Shelters in Orr pull you to them and kill anyone running forward alone.  I don’t revive these people.  Too busy laughing.

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