Burst On Demand Rifle Warrior PvP Build

To recap, I am looking for a build that can put someone down in a hurry.  The closest equivalent to the Greatsword Berserker build for rifle Warriors.  I’ve already tested it in PvE and WvW, so all that remained was to test it in was sPvP.

The Build Did Good In sPvP

I feel like the build overall is solid.  There was just the right mix of players running up to demolish me, and players running in the other direction once the Quickness kicked in.  I added an extra CC slot skill because I felt like the extra damage from the Boon I was getting did not outweigh the need for me to keep my distance from my target.

This Ranged Warrior Build Needs A Name

Enjoy the video footage of me testing this build in sPvP.  The final build will be out Thursday or Friday.  I need to tweak the Sigil and maybe one other thing.  It’s dragged on longer than I intended it to because of work, so I apologize.  Please though, leave your suggestions for a build nickname in the comments.  Right now it’s between the warrior ‘Quickening‘ build, or the warrior ‘Double-Quick‘ build.  I’d like to use someone else’s idea though!  Hopefully you get both of those references.  If not, leave your suggestion in the comments!

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