MOBILE: Pocket Legends

Developer : Spacetime Studios
Price : Free with in app purchases
OS : iOS, Android
Recommended : Yes

The First Multiplayer Game For iPhone I Ever Played

Since Pocket Legends was the first mobile multiplayer game I played, reviewing it first is only fair. It really opened my eyes to the possibilities of multiplayer games on mobile devices. Pocket Legends is the most full featured MMORPG for mobile devices I have come across yet. It’s best comparison would probably be World of Warcraft. If you enjoy running dungeons, you’ll love this game. The play is largely instanced based, but there are quests and PvP as well.

Pocket Legends Has Great Visuals

The graphics are downright amazing. This was its most shocking feature when I first played it on my (original) iPhone. I could not believe a multiplayer game on a mobile device looked that good. Given this, and having played it on both, I would say it is best played on a tablet. Still, this game is good enough to pick up on any device. I keep it updated on all my devices. It is a cross platform game, including your Chrome browser.

Both PvE And PvP Gameplay Is Co-op

Running around as a cute little woodland creature, slaying enemies is what this game is about. You can play with friends or strangers. If you’re looking for a mobile PvP game, you can enter the Capture the Flag PvP arena against other players. You choose red or blue team when you enter the arena, and run the flag to score on the opposing team. Unfortunately there is no scaling in PvP. I was crushed, repeatedly, by players 5 levels higher than me. I couldn’t even scratch them.  This was off peak times too, so it may be better during waking hours.

Unlocking the PvP CTF arena requires a one time 20 platinum purchase, but that is easily remedied. Platinum can be bought with real money, by signing up for certain services, or downloading certain apps from inside the game.  I had my 20 platinum in no time, just as advertised. It’s no gimmick, I tried both signing up for a service and downloading a free app. I even got 2 platinum just by liking their Facebook page.

Great Quality Of Life Features

You can look as unique as you want, with new aesthetic choices arriving regularly. I get notices all the time about new holiday content, along with a code for a free piece of gear. Not to mention there is always some kind of sale going on at the in-game store, or bonus xp weekend. This game seems really in tune with its community. I even have a personal experience of my own to share.

Back when the game was only on iOS, I got one of those blanket emails asking what features I’d like to see in the future. I selected the ‘Other’ box and wrote in a request for an Android version. I sent it along and thought nothing more about it. A couple days later, I got an email back from them. A real, live person responded ‘Coming soon!’. That kind of personal interaction sold me not only on this game, but on this developer.

Spacetime Studios makes several multiplayer games for iphone and Android.  If you don’t like the fantasy genre, hopefully one of these others will suit your fancy. I’ll be reviewing those in the future.  These are among the best mobile MMOs out there.

What do you think of this game?  Is there anything else you’d like to know about it?

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