The Secret World Has A Free To Play Model

Funcom has made the big announcement as I mentioned it might. The Secret World will now be Free To Play, but with a distinct model.  The game client is purchased for $30, but there is no monthly subscription.  In this respect it is similar to Guild Wars 2: Buy once, play always.  Some of the language they are using leads one to believe that there will still be semi-regular required purchases.

Buy The Secret World Now And Save

If you buy the client for The Secret World now, they mention that you will get the upcoming big content patch for free.  This infers they will be charging for big content patches.  Personally I could see it working like mini-expansions, and if done right could be a mutually beneficial arrangement between developer and gamer.  No Free to Play game is really meant to be free.  The general idea behind it is to provide you with content a la carte.  You pay for the content you want, and skip what you don’t.  The tricky part is balancing what is necessary (should be free), versus what is overly cash intensive to develop and therefore should require a DLC purchase.  Hopefully Funcom gets this balance right.
If you’re interested, you can buy The Secret World on Origin, as well as other retailers.

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