Is Leveling in WvW Viable?

Skimming through the official forums for Guild Wars 2, I came across this post.  Basically it asks if it is worthwhile to level 1 to 80 in WvW.  In my experience, the XP gain was substantially slower.  That was also as a complete newbie to World versus World.  Knowing what I do now, I think you could viably level up to 80 in WvW.  It won’t be as fast as leveling up through PvE, but if PvP is what you enjoy then you can’t really call it a waste of time.

When to Start Leveling in WvW

There are basically three starting points to consider when deciding to level in World versus World:

  1. Level 2
  2. Level 30
  3. Level 40
These two points follow different lines of thinking.  It all depends on your comfort level with the unknown.  I don’t actually recommend one route of the other.  Your choice should largely be determined by your personal style, or whether you want to try something different.  Now of course you could start at any point in between 1 and 80, but it would still follow one of these schools of thought (2-29, 30-80).
  1. This option is basically jumping into the pool before you know how to swim.  Maybe you enjoy figuring out new things under pressure.  Or maybe you’ve done your research and read something like my series on How WvW Works.
  2. This option is a more completionist approach.  Level 30 is when you get your fourth and final slot skill.  This fourth slot skill is your elite skill, and essentially finishes your character’s set of abilities.  From here you can start building the muscle memory for your keybindings, learning your ability rotations, learning your range distance, etc.  No unlearning bad habits, or habits from an incomplete build, etc.  This is the path I followed.
  3. I was able to solo my first guard at level 40.  Your rewards for capturing towers and keeps also step up substantially.  From level 40 forward, you are definitely going to be able to contribute, maybe separate from the zerg a little.

The Best Way To Level in WvW

In a nutshell, you want to stick with the herd.  Leveling up in WvW puts you at a slight disadvantage.  While your character is upranked to 80, your gear is not.  Of course, there are players on the other side in the same position.  Being a faceless member of the masses is a plus here.  Work with the efforts going on in /team chat, and your contribution will go farther.  Beyond that, how can you best help as a low level character in World versus World?

  • Man siege weapons.  An arrowcart manned by a level 2 hurts just as much as an arrowcart manned by a level 80.
  • Run supplies.  If you see a damaged wall or gate, run back and forth from the closest supply camp and fix it.  This can be tedious, but it is a vital job, and grants XP as well.
  • Test drive siege weapons.  The care and feeding of siege weapons is a sacred art.  If you don’t launch a few projectiles from time to time with them, they get all antsy and just up and disappear.
  • Build defensively.  Whatever class you are, build toughness, vitality, and trait for whatever defensive abilities you can.  This will keep you up longer, allowing you to soak up more XP and rewards.
  • Revive fallen allies during combat.  Your DPS will be sub-par compared to 80s of course, but reviving fallen 80s can turn the tide of battle.  If an ally falls near you, revive them.  You gain experience, your team gains another member.  Don’t chase too far into the battle, as you will get downed quickly.
  • Build siege.  Like repairing, building siege gives you XP and WXP.  If you’re on an alt and have the bankroll for it, drop siege yourself.  If you don’t have the money, run the jumping puzzle to get siege plans from the chest at the end.  You can see my how-to video on the Borderlands Jumping Puzzle.

Your Playtime is Just as Valuable

Don’t worry about taking someone’s spot.  There is no guarantee that the person replacing you would be level 80, or could do a better job than you.  As long as you are actively contributing to the team effort, then get in there and do your best.  Have fun.  You can also check out my channel where I stream WvW occasionally.  I’ll answer whatever questions I can.
Do you have any tips for someone wanting to level in World versus World?  What do you tell people that ask about leveling in World versus World?

Feel like adding something?

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