My First Real Complaint About Guild Wars 2

$h!t doesn’t work. The new holiday Giver’s gear doesn’t work.  My Sure-Footed trait, doesn’t work.  How are things like this not on a high priority list?  I understand it’s the holidays, and I could maybe cut Arenanet a little slack for the Givers gear not working, but the Sure-Footed trait has never worked.  Seriously guys, COME ON!

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Build Troubles
Up a creek without a paddle…

Build Creation Process Derailed

I bought a full set of Giver’s gear off the Trading Post, including weapons.  I have no Runes, no Sigils, and a set of gear that doesn’t work.  Lesson learned boys and girls, search the forums before trying something new.  I am really not looking forward to farming gold.  I thought I had put that behind me, but I also thought I wouldn’t put together a new build.  Not a big deal though, because I actually am looking forward to what happened next.

Eureka Moment For Warhorn Build

Now that I have expressed my frustration, there is a silver lining.  I have been working on my Warhorn build for about a week now, and it has evolved from my initial idea pretty drastically.  In fact, it’s looking a lot like my Squad Commander Build, right down to the same 10/0/30/30/0.  The runes I am looking at would also be complimentary as well.  It’s seems a nice synergy, so I have decided to adapt (or evolve?) my Warhorn warrior build into my Squad Commander warrior build.  It’s currently the most popular content on my website, so that should make everyone happy.

The Perfect Warrior Build Match-up

I was trying to create a hit-and-run feel to my warrior warhorn build.  Get in, do some damage, but get out.  Emphasis on the get out.  Mixing this with the survival of my Squad Commander build should be easy.  The trade-off of course will be sacrificing damage.  I’m good with this.

The Next Step

I’m thinking of buying another set of gear.  This isn’t going to make me happy, or rich, but the gear I have now should do in the meantime.  Runes are another wild card I have to deal with.  I’m looking at several, but these run as high as 4 gold a piece on the trading post.  More gold.  Awesome.  At any rate, i’m a little more motivated than before to make this happen.  That’s a step in the right direction.
Are any of your traits, runes, or other game abilities not working?

Feel like adding something?

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